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Princeville Primary School holds the ICT Mark, a Basic Skills Award and a Healthy School Award

The head teacher and FS leader write and run training for:

Foundation Stage; Inclusion; Maths

2013 Ofsted – good

  • The large majority of teaching is good and some is outstanding. Teachers plan interesting work that relates to the ‘real world’. As a result, pupils are highly motivated to learn.
  • Leaders have an accurate understanding of the quality of teaching and learning. They share their impressive teaching skills with others to drive forward the quality of teaching and learning and, as a result, the school is improving.
  • Pupils say they feel safe in school because they are well cared for by their teachers and other adults. Pupils behave well and they have positive attitudes to learning.

Above average - This school size

Above Average - The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium

Most pupils - are from Asian backgrounds; a few are from other minority ethnic groups. Few pupils speak English as their first language.

Average - The proportion of pupils supported at school action

Below average - The proportion of pupils supported at school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs