The Term of Office for all Members of the Trust is 5 years.

The Members of the Trust are:


Robin Naylor

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Robin's skills and expertise includes property development and investment, estate management, HR, public sector and local government, environmental and sustainability expertise

Declarations of interest: Director and Trustee of a local sports club. Some work for the BB to 19 Group, member of a local charity group


Jo Quinton-Tulloch

Date of appointment: 13 December 2016

Jo's skills and expertise includes leadership in public sector, informal learning, contracting, media, governance and board experience, bid-writing, STEM, heritage and culture, HR.


Declarations of interest: Trustee of a Bradford organisation


Drew Rowlands (Chair)

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Drew's Skills and expertise includes leadership and management, early years and primary school expertise, governance, training, development and research expertise

Declarations or interest: Arts Group Trustee, academy school Vice Chair of Governors


Ray Tate

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Ray's skills and expertise includes legal and contracting, IT and media, business acumen, leadership, finance, resource and budget management, governance and school improvement

Declarations of interest: Chair of a local sports organisation


Naila Zafar

Date of Appointment: 19 May 2017

Declarations of interest: to be confirmed



The governance structure of the Trust is available here