Our offer

Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School is able to provide both primary and secondary school pupil premium reviews. Our aim is to enable schools to diminish differences and provide strategic and operational school to school support in order to deliver on the spirit of challenging disadvantage as in addition to fully complying with the guidance. To undertake this, we follow the national guidance for pupil premium reviews, available here.

Our pupil premium review will be completed by either Jayne Clarke NLE (Primary) or Jackie Eames (Secondary).

Jayne Clarke NLE (Primary)

Jayne began her teaching career taking primary expertise into a new comprehensive school, later reconnecting with primary learners in the deprived pit villages of South and West Yorkshire, advocating for children least able to engage successfully in education, prior to joining a 3-19 special school in Doncaster. Subsequently working in the Batley area, she specialised in removing barriers to learning for multi-lingual children. Promoting a multi-agency approach to raising aspirations, she opened two SureStart hubs on school premises and mentored teachers in promoting positive learning cultures. In January 2008 she became head at Ryecroft, a school serving one of the 1% most deprived areas nationally and a place which had suffered 10 heads in 11 years. Instability in the school was very tangible and distressing but by July 2010 OfSted recognised the school as Good, by April 2014 Ryecroft was Outstanding and Jayne was awarded TES Headteacher of the Year. Now an NLE, Jayne supports schools via the Bradford Birth -19 TSA. She also chairs a partnership of 10 schools, serves on the BPIP Executive, and has been working as the Primary Executive Principal and all through quality lead at Bradford Academy, a 3 -19 All though school in Bradford . She speaks at national pupil premium conferences and has reviewed a number of schools focusing on diminishing the differences for disadvantaged pupils.

Jackie Eames (Secondary)

Executive Head: Batley Girls' High School 2002-14. Asked to be Pupil Premium Champion following 2013 Outstanding Ofsted report which said “Different groups of children including those in receipt of pupil premium achieve equally well. Staff believe passionately that all students should reach their potential. Leaders focus relentlessly on improving the quality of teaching. Only the best is good enough for all students.” The school continues to be in the top 1% of schools nationally for value added.

Jackie became a Kirklees Learning Partner in 2014 , sharing good practice across schools. She has spent her 40 year career working in schools with high deprivation and is now working with the Bradford Birth -19 TSA and is Chair of Trustees of their newly formed MAT.

What do you need to do in preparation?

We would ask the school to provide the following supporting information in advance of the visit: Headteacher report to governors, school SEF, Raise online document, latest OFSTED or HMI report, school development plan, any FFT reports, a link to the website displaying statutory pupil premium information and minutes for the last 3 governor meetings and SLT meetings.

The Pupil Premium Review framework will form the direction of the review and scaffold discussions during the visit.

What will happen in the review?

During the review we will check how well policy and practice match in your school. This will necessitate a discussion which will focus on the following areas:

A structure for the day will emerge from our evaluation of the documentation but it is likely to include:

1. A learning walk

2. Scrutiny of performance data

3. Pupil interviews

4. Depending on the evaluation: observation of teaching and learning with a particular focus on pupil premium learners

5. Middle and senior leadership interviews (SENCO, Eng and Maths leaders)

6. Talking with parents of children who are eligible for pupil premium

7. A meeting with governors and the governor responsible for pupil premium

In order to contribute to the continued strengthening of leadership and management, we would welcome a developmental meeting at the end of the day with governors in attendance.


We would like to align the development of your practice with a further opportunity to support you in sustaining the impact of actions taken.

Cost: £1000


The review will take 2 days and will include half a day of preparation, a full-day visit and half-day follow-up to further support the school. You will also gain access to our resource tool and key question prompts to use once the review has taken place.

How to book?

Please telephone 01274 494898 or email