Laura Naylor

Current Workplace and Role

Year 6 teacher and leader of Science.

School based mentor and tutor for Exceed and Bradford Birth – 19.

Specialist Area of Training including age groups and curriculum area

I have been teaching 11 years and all of my experience has consisted of schools in inner-city Bradford.

Most of my experience has been in upper Keys Stage 2 and I have worked in Year 6 for 8 years. Therefore, this has enabled me to be extremely familiar with the Key Stage 2 testing procedures and the curriculum in Key Stage 2.

I am also the leader for Science across the whole school

Previous Work for BBt19 TSA

I have been a school based mentor for many years and find this a really rewarding experience. What I find most rewarding is seeing the progress of the trainees throughout their placements and I enjoy to watch them flourish in to teachers ready for their NQT year and their careers ahead of them.

Own recent CPD

I have attended tutor and mentor meetings provided by Birth – 19 and will be beginning a post graduate degree in coaching and mentoring next year.