The Term of Office for all Members of the Trust is 5 years.

The Members of the Trust are:

Gareth Davies

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Gareth's skills and expertise includes International trade, leadership, management of multi million pound budgets and resources, finance, IT and VLE technology, Human Resources, public sector and company and school governance

Declarations of interest: Governor of MAT School, Director of another MAT, Some limited work of the Trust group.

Robin Naylor

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Robin's skills and expertise includes property development and investment, estate management, HR, public sector and local government, environmental and sustainability expertise

Declarations of interest: Director and Trustee of a local sports club. Some work for the BB to 19 Group, member of a local charity group

Michael Rollins

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016 Date of resignation: (TBC)

Michael's skills and expertise includes academy, free school and secondary school expertise, governance, leadership, financial management & research , training

Declarations of interest: (TBC)

Drew Rowlands

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Drew's Skills and expertise includes leadership and management, early years and primary school expertise, governance, training, development and research expertise

Declarations or interest: Arts Group Trustee, academy school Vice Chair of Governors

Ray Tate

Date of appointment: 1st March 2016

Ray's skills and expertise includes legal and contracting, IT and media, business acumen, leadership, finance, resource and budget management, governance and school improvement

Declarations of interest: Chair of a local sports organisation

The governance structure of the Trust is available here