St Edmund’s Nursery School was designated by the National College for Teaching and Leadership as a National Teaching School in April 2013. It is one of a partnership of six teaching schools in Bradford.

Bradford Birth to 19 provides a comprehensive range of training and leadership development programmes to support School Improvement.

Teaching Schools are outstanding schools, who lead alliances of schools and academies in collaborative work in three main areas of schools. 

These are:

  1. Initial Teacher Training
  2. School-to-School Support, the designation and deployment of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  3. CPD, including the identification and nurturing of leadership potential. 

St Edmund’s leads a Birth to 19 Alliance of over 100 schools – nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, and academies, reflecting Bradford`s diversity. Our alliance has grown considerably over the years. While St Edmund’s is the lead school, our Alliance is very much focused on school improvement via collaboration and cooperation.

Much of our School improvement work is the result of major commissions from the DFE, Local Authorities, Opportunity Areas and the voluntary and charitable Sector. 

We are privileged to work with many like-minded school and system leaders who have a total commitment and dedication to improving outcomes for children across Bradford. 

Our aim is to improve the life chances and opportunities for all pupils within the Bradford district; we strive to provide bespoke support which is delivered by schools and led by schools in order to raise aspiration and attainment.

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