We work with two key strategic partners - the National Literacy Trust and Whole Education.

National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust are a strategic partner of Bradford Birth to 19 and have co-constructed the Early Years Literacy and Language programme together.

The National Literacy Trust run a number of large scale research programmes and we liaise closely with Imran Hafeez, the Bradford Hub Manager to ensure we are working together to serve the needs of Bradford children.

The National Literacy Trust Hubs create long-term change in communities across the UK where low levels of literacy are entrenched, inter-generational and seriously impacting on people’s lives. NLT partners with local authorities, teaching schools and a wide range of local partners including voluntary and community organisations, businesses, health, education and cultural organisations. In Bradford, there have been a range of projects working with dads to break down cultural barriers and improve school readiness.

Click here to see the impact of our Early Years Literacy and Language project.

Whole Education

Whole Education is a dynamic partnership of schools and organisations committed to redefining today’s educational offering. They believe that all children deserve an engaging and rounded education that supports academic achievement, but also develops the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to flourish in life, learning and work.

As a national network, Whole Education facilitates shared learning and collaboration between innovative schools; exposes teachers to world-class thinking and approaches; and supports effective professional development, enabling its member schools to move beyond delivering the national curriculum to building a stronger foundation for learning – a ‘whole education’.

We are proud to be one of only 3 Teaching Schools in the country to be working with Whole Education.

What Bradford Birth to 19 and Whole Education can offer in partnership:

- Sustainable Improvement Initiatives: Spirals of Enquiry, WE Peer Review, SEND Peer Review

- Improvement and Innovation Projects: to pick from the following IRIS Film Club, PASS Pilot, Drive for Literacy Training, Whole School Numeracy, Student Leadership and various others.

- Learning and Knowledge Sharing: WE support on BB-19 TSA networking and sharing event

Watch this space as we will be holding a Whole Education event in Bradford in 2017. We are the only Teaching School in Bradford who are working with Whole Education and are delighted that some of our partner schools are already engaging in a number of projects.