VOICE BRADFORD - Getting the City Talking

Our Journey

January 2017 saw the launch of Voice Bradford; a collective of like minded schools and organisations focused on improving oracy across the Bradford Area.

Oracy has improved in a number of key schools in recent years, from these key schools, 6 schools were identified through a selection process to act as Hub Schools.

The five oracy Hub Schools are:

Eastwood Community School

Eldwick Primary School

Green Lane Primary School

Haworth Primary School

Parkwood Primary School

Since the launch of Voice Bradford, Bradford Birth to 19 has been awarded significant DFE funding from the strategic school improvement fund. 

In 2018/19, we worked with 40 schools to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils using a combination of dialogic teaching and IPEEL.

In 2019/20, working with Noctua TSA, we were jointly awarded £1 million from the Strategic School Improvement Fund, the largest ever grant. 

This project is seeing us supporting 70 schools in Leeds and Bradford through quality improvement in EYFS.

These Hub Schools will work with a number of partner schools/settings to support the improvement of oracy in those partners. It is envisaged that joint practice development between Hub and Partner schools/settings will last through this and into the next academic year

Language for Learning Group

Voice Bradford has strong links to The Language for Learning Group click here to link to their website.

If you`re interested in finding out more about professional learning programmes and support in any aspect of our oracy work, see our training offer

For more information please contact:

Abigail Traynor


Adminstration Lead


01274 494898