Step 1: Thinking process

Check you have the entry requirements for teachingqualifications and experience.

Decide what age group and/or subject you want to teach.

Step 2: Application

  • September 2021 starts – From 13th October 2021 you will be able to search and apply for courses on the UCAS website. 
  • January 2021 – if you aren’t holding an offer from APPLY 1, you can now continue to apply online through UCAS, adding one choice at a time through APPLY 2. 


Course Codes


Postcode School Course Code   Salaried or Unsalaried
BD8 9QW St Edmund's Nursery School 2MHM  

Salaried (school funded) 

  Course Code (KS1) Course Code (KS2)  


Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT


Unsalaried (fee funded) 

  Course Code (3-7) Course Code (5-11)  


Carlton Academy Trust Schools Direct Primary

N559 Z124 Unsalaried (fee funded) 
BD21 4QH Parkwood Primary School 3BF8 3BF9 Unsalaried (fee funded) 
BD4 6JF St Johns CE Primary School 3BFB 3BFC Unsalaried (fee funded) 
BD5 7RR Dixons MAT G911  G922 Unsalaried (fee funded)
BD18 4NR Saltaire Primary School   H027 Unsalaried (fee funded)



Postcode School  Subject Course Code Salaried or Unsalaried
BD8 9QW Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT Biology (36TG) Unsalaried (fee funded)
Chemistry (36TH)
English (36TB)
Maths (36TC)
Physics (36TF)
BD16 2RS Bingley Grammar School Art and Design (3CMN) Unsalaried (fee funded)
Biology( 363Z)
Business Studies (AW07)
Chemistry (363Y)
Computing (3643)
Drama (3644)
English (35TZ)
Food (3CMY)
Geography (363S)
History (363V)
Mathematics (363Q)
Modern Languages (363R)
Physical Education (3642)
Physics (363P)
Physics with Maths (3CMP)
Religious Education (363W)
BD9 6NA Belle Vue Girls Academy Biology (36CH) Unsalaried (fee funded)
Business Studies (3DV9)
English (36CV)
Chemistry (36CG)
Computing (35TY)
Design (36BY)
Drama (36C9)
Geography (36CP)
History (36CN)
Mathematics (36CY)
Spanish/French (36CS)
Music (36C6)
Physics (36CD)
Religious Education (36CK)
BD16 1EE Beckfoot School English (35XH) Unsalaried (fee funded)
Geography (35XJ)
Design and Technology (AE96)
History (35XK)
Mathematics (35XL)
Music (AE97)
Physical Education (35XG)
BD3 0DU Carlton Academy Trust Art and Design (P430) Unsalaried (fee funded)
Business Studies (V095)
Design and Technology (G722
Geography (H975)
History (T459)
Mathematics (U520)
French (V995)
Religious Education (Y200)
Science (T440)


Step 3: The Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. You will be asked to bring original certificates of your qualifications, proof of address and proof of identification.

  • The interviews will be held in schools and involve school leaders.
  • You should expect to be observed in a classroom environment working with a small group of children, be interviewed by a panel of senior leaders, undertake literacy and numeracy tests.
  • The classroom observation is centred around a book. Click here for a list of book ideas.
  • In all, to demonstrate your passion for teaching, and to have clear ideas about what makes learning fun and successful.

Step 4: The Offer

  • If successful you will be made an offer conditional on qualifications checks and a DBS clearance. Also to pass a check on ID, childcare disqualification checks and proof of address.
  • You will also be invited to our induction event to be held in early July (date to be confirmed)